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Private and Group Training

Frozen Dead Guy Days short documentary produced by Pixel Mill Studios
Frozen Dead Guy days was chosen to play at the 2024 Boulder International Film Festival

Pixel Mill Studios is an award-winning boutique video production company located in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. The owners, Bruce Borowsky and Mike Scalisi, are dedicated to providing creative and engaging videos that tell great stories, and they both love teaching their craft and sharing the skills they’ve learned over their many years in the business of producing videos.

Student learn how to read the different types of video scopes to get the best footage

Bruce and Mike provide training for you or your staff on all aspects of video production, helping people get up to speed quickly and efficiently in making their own professional-looking videos. Training is available as one-on-one sessions, as well as group training with all members of your team, and can be done at our location or yours. Our training is professional, fun, and cost-effective.

Learn how to shoot green screen footage

Training Available

  • Pre-Production - learning how to handle all the logistics involved in creating a video, including lining up and scheduling interviews on multiple days, figuring out where to film B-roll, developing the questions you’ll ask in interviews, and of course budgeting!


  • Video Production - hands-on instruction in all aspects of professional video production, including: 

           - 4K video camera set-up and operation.

           - LED lights set-up and operation, particularly for interviews and B-roll.

           - Capturing audio using external microphones, both wireless and wired; lavalier and shotgun.


  • Post-Production, including complete instruction in Adobe’s Premiere editing software and After Effects motion graphics software. Above all, Mike teaches you how to think like an editor, including discussions about the aesthetics of editing, and how to make an engaging documentary that tells a good story. Training can also incorporate instruction in creating motion graphics and how to leverage some of the latest AI tools if needed.


  • The “Business” of Video:

          - Budgeting

          - How to talk to clients about money

          - Scheduling

          - How to charge clients

          - Dealing with hard-to-please clients

          - Best practices for offering excellent customer service

Personalized instruction can be done locally in Colorado, or we can travel to your facility, regardless of location.


Instruction is offered in a variety of structures, depending on you and your team’s preferences and individual learning styles. The training we do is hands-on, giving participants immediate confidence in their new skills, as well as feedback on technique. We explain, then we demonstrate, then the students do it themselves, building their confidence along the way.


Classes can be either full days or half days, and can be scheduled and customized to you and your team’s exact needs.

Why Training?

Bruce teaching student about shooting good video

You can hire us to do your video, but if you’d like to improve you and your staff’s skills so you can do the videos yourself, Pixel Mill Studios has the expertise to train you to handle it all in-house, from scriptwriting to filming to editing. We’ve been doing this for a long time, so we can help you by providing attentive and effective instruction and support in whatever you need to learn, including:


  • In-person, hands-on training as we teach how to operate cameras, lighting, and sound equipment.

  • In-person or remote training in video software, including Adobe Premiere, After Effects and Cinema4D.

  • Cross-train your employees so they have a much wider skill-set.

  • Provide your teachers with new skills for Professional Development - train the trainers!

  • Training on the latest software upgrades.

  • Improve your interview skills for documentaries, corporate videos, etc.

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